Custom Websites

Your Website needs to stand out and give your potential customers a professional looking website along with ease of navigating through the information they are looking for.

I will custom design your website by corresponding with you and getting to know what your business is about and what you are looking for and also what you want your website to do for you.

I do not use any prebuilt template and throw your content into it. I hand make all my websites from a blank canvise and work up from there. With search engines they also like to have good code that the website is built on. The better the coding the better your chances for higher search rankings. I optimize as much as I can without losing the integrity of the site. If you are interested in more information click bellow.

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Responsive Web Design for all sizes of screens

The days of people using just one device to view your website is all in the past. How about the days that when you look at a website on your new smart phone and have to scroll right and then back to the left just too read 10 words after of course pinching and zooming so you can see the text or even some graphics. Now we are look at them more on multiple devices with multiple screen sizes. The once upon a time of one size fits all for websites are gone (well for most modern day websites anyway). In its place is a website that needs to adapt to what ever size of screen on what ever device you are using. Welcome to the Responsive website that adapts "on the fly." I will Design your site so it can handle any size screen and still look great.


Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is a big part of keeping your customers coming back. It also helps keep your website secured. Some people feel that it is not needed but it is very much needed. Besides the big security problem you could be facing you run the risk of a person looking at it and realizing the info is even 2 or more years old (don't forget about that copy right date either). How would the person know it is relevant information to this time and are you actually still even in business any more with that copy right date of 5 years ago or worse no copyright date. 

Personal E-Mail

I am bringing personal back to your E-mail. From one email address going to a list of people so no more having 3 groups with the same people listed with that one address that does not exist, to a cleaner inbox, either for a business or for your own personal use. If you would like more information on the email you can click here.