Why E-mail? I have it already!

If you have an E-mail with your current internet provider or free services like G-mail, Outlook, Yahoo etc. Here are some things to consider.

For your Business

If it is for your business and you have it set up with an internet provider or a free service:
This could be an opportunity you are missing.

Another case is you have departments in your company like: HR, payroll, sales, info, etc.

You currently have an employee that does sales correspondence but she will be retiring in a month what will happen in that transition? Lets look:

  • lost mail do to no one else checking the email - maybe no one even knows the password!
  • you need to change all your advertising to a new address and it may only be a temporary one so you will need to do the process all over then just to find out someone didn't get the new info and sent it to the old address because they had a business card from 10 years ago.
    • What if you had it set up in a way that you were advertising a contact email of but it goes to your current employee of then when its time you can change it to because they don't want another username and password to keep track of and it goes into a folder just for work information.

You could also have lists set up for your employees or have one type of email going to one employee.

You send 1 email to and it gets delivered to , , , and

  • All that the person that is sending the email needs to know is that they need to contact shift 1 employees and the send to address which in this case is .

E-mail ending with your business name. If you have a website why not use it and clean up some possible confusion.

Your website is www.mybusiness.com but your email is : Your customers could easily get confused on contacting you.


My personal mail


I am not a business or its just my personal E-mail.
What benefits would I get from something like this?

What if you have many email addresses because you use one for wanted ads and non-wanted ads and your main email? Maybe you just want to organize your one email better.

my solution would be to use one of the endings from me and have it set up with something like this:

  • going to in a folder called mysports.
  • goes to in a folder called myadds.

What if, like many people you need to play the my bill goes up and to bring it down I need to switch my internet provider every couple of years.

You need to change your email and along with that tell all of your contacts your new address for every time this happens.

  • Solution one would be just get a free service like G-mail: but the personal just went out of the email.
  • Solution two could be you use one of the endings available with me which is @senecacounty.com or @tiffinohio.com: example could be
    • goes to then after the switch it goes to . no need to tell all your contacts it has changed. All you need to do is inform me that it will be changing and to what, then I make the change when its time.

E-Mail Success Begins Here
For $42/ year for up to
10 Addresses or Groups

To have a personalized e-mail that forwards to your main e-mail account. What does that mean for you is no extra username or password to keep track of. Also for maintaining of a list to keep your groups clutter free take a look at starting here.     

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How much does the E-mail cost?

  If You want to have a non Internet provided or free e-mail service the following are the plans that are available. The plans are based on size of mail box not the number of addresses. 

Starter E-Mail


per year

500 Megabytes of storage
Maximum of 2 addresses and 4 forwards

POP3 + IMAP+ WEB Support

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Plus E-Mail


per year

1 Gigabyte of storage
Maximum of 3 addresses and 6 forwards

POP3 + IMAP+ WEB Support

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Large E-Mail


per month

5 Gigabytes of storage
Maximum of 4 addresses and 10 forwards

POP3 + IMAP+ WEB Support

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Extra Large


per month

10 Gigabytes of storage
Maximum of 5 addresses and 10 forwards

POP3 + IMAP+ WEB Support

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