I am not a business or its just my personal E-mail.
What benefits would I get from something like this?

What if you have many email addresses because you use one for wanted ads and non-wanted ads and your main email? Maybe you just want to organize your one email better.

my solution would be to use one of the endings from me and have it set up with something like this:

  • going to in a folder called mysports.
  • goes to in a folder called myadds.

What if, like many people you need to play the my bill goes up and to bring it down I need to switch my internet provider every couple of years.

You need to change your email and along with that tell all of your contacts your new address for every time this happens.

  • Solution one would be just get a free service like G-mail: but the personal just went out of the email.
  • Solution two could be you use one of the endings available with me which is @senecacounty.com or @tiffinohio.com: example could be
    • goes to then after the switch it goes to . no need to tell all your contacts it has changed. All you need to do is inform me that it will be changing and to what, then I make the change when its time.