Welcome to the home of MRG Digital.

Here you will find a place that loves design. We love to find out about different businesses and organizations. Then coming up with a plan with the customer to help promote and inform others about what it is that you offer in a safe and relaxing environment.

Based in beautiful Seneca County we believe in talking and collaborating to help make your website yours but without you needing to use a "self serve" service like Wix, GoDaddy, Squarespace, Google Business site and others like it. Some of which may or may not be based in the United States.

They also rely on you learning about Search engine optimization and the other parts that go into making a website. In all of the services, you the customer are at the mercy of their "technology" when it comes to how they serve your website that may or may not optimize your site.

Take a look at some of the screen captures for some of the bigger self serve scores from GTmetrix. Sometimes it makes me wish I could have gotten away with some of these scores when I was in school. Then I remember that I was taught to continue to do my best and my best will continue to get better. That will make you evolve and do things that you once thought you were not capable of doing.

gtmetrix score 1 gtmetrix score 2
 gtmetrix score 3  

gtmetrix score 4

Don't think that the big companies that have large amounts of money to throw at a problem are immune to bad optimization either. They definitely are not. Take a look at some random ones we pulled up.

gtmetrix score cnn gtmetrix score hp
 gtmetrix score disney  


Even the Webpage designing businesses that specialize in websites evidently don't like to take the time to optimize. They may not feel it is important, necessary, or worth it.

For us it is all part of the website designing. The way we look at it is why would we sell you a car that can go fast in a quarter mile, but the parts that make it up will start breaking a fifth of the way there. Another comparison would be we make the greatest tasting food but use ingredients that aren't properly stored and could make you sick.

Yes, they gave you a good website but how well is it truly built?

 gtmetrix score 5  gtmetrix score 6
 gtmetrix score 7  gtmetrix score 8
 gtmetrix score 9  

So there are some scores and speeds from around the internet from other places. Now it is time to show you what we try to achieve with every website we hand make for our customers.

gtmetrix score mrgdigital gtmetrix score melmoreumc

gtmetrix score nhcc


So what does all this mean for the person that wants or has a website? It means a website that is optimized, looks good for search engines and looks good to your customers or members of your organization.

It keeps website speed faster without throwing money at newer computers every year. That helps keep people coming back to your site (along with updating the information from time to time) and in return helps search engines rank your site better. Great websites start from the stuff you cannot see and blossoms into the stuff you can. That is what a website should be made of, in our opinion anyway!